How to fix brother mfc l2700dw offline or interrupted. If you cannot print to a Brother printer because of the “Printer Offline or Suspended” message, learn how to turn online or change the Brother printer’s settings. You can then reconnect the printer to the network and print documents again. Repair Windows if you are using your Brother printer machine.

Then you can easily solve the problem with your printer offline as there is a built-in function to switch between offline. You can connect your brother mfc l2700dw again. However, if the problem is still not resolved. You may need to make the necessary configuration and installation change printer status online.

Check the physical brother mfc l2700dw and cable connection

To fix this problem, you need to check your printer’s entire cable and physical connection. Pay attention only to theBrother mfc-l2700dw offline windows 10 points described below. If you are using a wired printer, make sure that both ends of the USB cable are securely connected and that the end of the printer cable is plugged into multiple outlets or ports on your device.

If your printer is a network printer, make sure the Ethernet cable is properly connected. If you’re using a wireless brother mfc l2700dw, make sure your Internet connection is turned on and you have an exact connection to your router. 

Checking the connection to your wireless printer can be a very difficult task. For example, if you are using a brother mfc l2700dw printer, you will need to enter the configuration mode of your printer and confirm your network settings. This will help you determine the status of your network settings. Here are some connection tests you should run. If a problem occurs, you must restore the physical connection or the network connection.

Brother mfc-l2700dw offline windows 10

Make sure your mfc-l2700dw printer is set to the default setting in windows 10.

  • If your printer (the printer you are using to print) is not set as the default printer in windows 10, you may have a problem with your offline printer.
  • To solve this problem, first, install your Brother printer as the default printer.
  • Then delete all previous print jobs.

Delete all print jobs to resolve the issue offline in windows 10Delete all print jobs to resolve the issue offline in windows 10

If you are still wondering, “Why does my Brother mfc-l2700dw printer say it is off? Then I want to tell you that just one sheet of paper or document is enough to turn off your printer. To fix offline printer problem, you need to delete all print jobs from your printer. With this method, you can clear all your print jobs and reboot the printer model. To delete the print jobs, do the following.

  1. Open the printer and scanner.
  2. Now select your printer and click “Manage”.
  3. If you see that the option “Cancel all documents” is not active, click “Open as administrator”.
  4. Click Open Print Queue.
  5. Click on “Printer” at the top and then click on “Cancel all documents”.
  6. Click Yes to complete the process.