What to do when printer stops printing and says epson wf-3640 is offline. Generally, offline error faced by printer users in day to day activities. To check the printer status go to the printer control panel and see the printer model icon and right click on the printer icon. Next check what’s printer is printing.

Epson wf-3640 offline turn online, first connect to the wired or wireless connection on the router. Now, check the status of the printer if it is connected to WiFi. Further, follow the troubleshooting steps given in the article below and fix offline workforce printer error. 

Why is my epson wf 3640 not printing says offline in windows

The Reason behind the printer is offline mode. The printer is in epson wf-3640 offline mode even when it appears to be online. When such a problem occurs, your epson wf-3640 printer will display an offline error message. This indicates that your workforce -3640 printer is having a hard time connecting to your computer. There are several reasons for this type of problem, such as connection problems and a malfunction in your printer. Now that you know the possible reason why your Epson wf-3640 keeps going offline.

What to do when epson wf-3640 appears offline

Since you already know the reasons, it is now easier to fix offline errors.  Here are some important points below to solve your offline to online problem: –

  • Check your connection

The first thing to do is to check the connection from your printer to the computer. You may need to glance at the network cable and connect your printer to the router. Next, you need to examine the USB cable that connects your printer to your computer- windows. When all connections are in working order, simply switch the cables to alternate ports.

  • Restart your printer

When you find that all connections are working, but if the wf-3640 printer is still in offline mode, you need to restart your device. This process can reboot your printer and your printer can automatically choose the connection.

  • Delete the print job

Is your printer still in offline mode? Some critical files may be responsible for the problem. To deal with the situation, you must stop all printing jobs. Let the printer restart now.

  • Delete and reinstall your printer

Another way to solve this problem is to disconnect the printer from the computer and reinstall it. To remove your device, go to the “drivers and printers” option through the control panel. Then right-click on the device you want to remove. Now wait a minute and install it again.

  • Shut down

In the above article, listed the possible reasons why the problem occurs. In addition to the problem, highlights some helpful tips to turn printer online. Try to read the article thoroughly to resolve your offline issue.