How to setup and get up and running with your brand-new brother mfc-7860dw wireless laser printer. Setting up MFC 78-60 DW and turnSteps to connect brother mfc-7860dw printer to wifi on mac and windows printer online.  Setup from the printer side see the screen of the printer and walk through the different steps and then come back because there are two steps that you need to do on your computer regardless of whether on a Mac or Windows to finish the process.

First hit the menu button and use the arrow down icon. Go down to number six which is going to be network setup options. Tap the key and go down to the number. Two which is w lam hit OK. Again hit the down arrow to go to the second option. Which is a setup wizard and hit OK again. At this point to be looking for all the different wireless networks in the area. First it may be second you’re gonna use those arrows to scroll through.  Second here and after it does and you hit OK.

Steps to connect brother mfc-7860dw printer to WiFi on mac and windows

Need to type in there we go hit OK. Now you need to type in the password to your wireless network. Hit the number four over and over again and ifconnect brother mfc-7860dw printer to WiFi you look at the screen. It goes from lowercase to uppercase. It indicates the number as well so all of those items are there. If you have symbols in your network. You can use the little star, a key or the pound symbol.

Go through those options should you have any of them in your network. Once you’ve done that the rest is all done from the computer. Go back to the computer side so now that you’ve got it setup from the brother mfc-7860dw end. 

Go to the official website of the brother printer and download the latest drivers.Your computer and the printer itself so from here what OS. You have either Windows or Mac. See here if you are a Mac owner and you’re using Mavericks yes. Click on the cups printer driver. You have to do is click this little agree button at the bottom and go into your downloads folder.

Click on the little finder icon happy Mac at the bottom left of your screen. Go into downloads and  double click and install the driver. When you install the driver after that reboot the printer ready to use.