The Lexmark printer offline issue is the main issue faced by many people. Printers make our work fast and handy. There may be many reasons for the printer to go offline. They may be:-

Settings – check the printer settings as they may have changed.lexmark printer offline fix

USB connection – the USB should be properly connected to the computer for the printer to work properly.

Drivers not updated – for the proper functioning of the printer, the drivers should be regularly updated.

Hardware – the hardware of the printer should be checked. There should be no problem in the hardware to make the printer run efficiently.

The main solution to the offline issue is troubleshooting.  Its main steps are :

  • The printer device should be ON and connected properly to the power source. lexmark printer offline issues
  • Any warning light should also be checked. 
  • The USB cable should also be attached to the port. 
  • No paper or any other particle should be stuck in your printer. 
  • Check it by opening the lid of your computer carefully.
  • Carefully open the plastic cover on the ink cartridges. 
  • Ensure that they are aligned properly and set in their proper position.
  • The printer should not show any error on your device’s screen. 
  • If it does show any error, try removing it by troubleshooting accordingly.
  • Check if any update is pending on your device or any update is required. 
  • The printer software and the drivers installed should be removed during the setup. The re-install them with proper guidelines.
  • Go to the control panel window and click on the printer icon. check the list and print a page to see if it is running properly.

lexmark printer not communicating says offline computer windows 10 

lexmark printer offline in windows 10 and shows printer offline issue is also one of the main issues. It needs various steps to bring it online. Some of those steps are :-lexmark printer offline windows 10

Settings – This is the easiest step to bring the printer online on windows 10. Click settings on your device and select devices.  Then click Printers and Scanners located on your left side. Then click on the open queue on the right side. On the next screen, select Printer and click on Printer Offline Option to remove the check mark. Then hold back for sometime to bring the printer back online.

Device manager – You can also use device manager to turn the printer online. Go to the device manager and click on the start button. On the screen, click  action and choose devices and printers from the menu. Then right click on the offline printer and click on see what’s printing. Then wait for a while to let it come online.

Troubleshoot printer – Select settings on the device option on the left side and then click troubleshoot. Right side, click on printer and troubleshoot from the drop down menu. In the printer’s menu, click on run the troubleshoot. let it run and it will show suggestions to remove any problem. Click on apply this fix and see further instructions.

How to troubleshoot Lexmark printer offline issue windows 7

lexmark printer offline windows 7  indicates that your device has lost communication with your printer. It has many reasons like connection error, weak configuration, fault in your drivers etc.  The solution is to start troubleshooting from the start. The steps are :-lexmark printer offline windows 7

  • The USB cable has to be properly connected from the printer to your PC or computer. 
  • Pull out the USB cable and reboot the computer and the printer. 
  • If it is a wireless printer, switch ON and OFF the router which may have caused the network to fail.
  • In case your drivers are outdated or not compatible with the Windows OS version.
  • Drivers should be downloaded and re-installed with the latest version. 
  • This should be checked before beginning with the next steps.

The printer spooler error can also cause offline issues. For this, press windows and b R keys one after another. Check run in the dialogue box and click enter. in the next screen, double click on printer spooler from windows services drop down menu. Go to print spooler properties, change startup type of the service to automatic. Then click the start button and wait till the windows start the spooler services. Then click apply to confirm the settings. If these steps do not prove helpful to resolve the printer offline issue, perform the next troubleshooting steps. They are :-

  • Press windows and select devices and printers from the start menu.
  • Right click on the printer and select see what’s printing from the drop down menu.
  • Then click printer and un-select use printer offline option.